Community Real Estate Consultant

Firm: Community Vision, Capital and Consulting
San Francisco, Oakland

Payment: Paid
Start Date: Dec 4, 2020
Category: Community Development
Contact: Human Resources

Posted: Nov 5, 2020

October 2020

In 1987, Community Vision’s founders had a vision of putting their money to work as a tool for
building financially strong and culturally vibrant communities capable of growing their sown
seeds of self-determination. We promote economic justice and alleviate poverty by increasing
the financial resilience and sustainability of community-based nonprofits and enterprises.
Through flexible financial products and sound advice, we create opportunities to make socially
responsible investments that revitalize Northern and Central California communities. We
envision financially strong and culturally vibrant communities where each person has access to
decent jobs, homes, health care, education, and economic opportunities. We work in partnership
with individuals and organizations who share our vision of sustainable communities and social
and economic justice.
Community Vision is dedicated to anti-racist practices and to building an anti-racist
organization. This includes treating colleagues with respect, supporting the vision of the
organization and demonstrating its professional practices which are: community centered,
patient, communication, work-ethic, responsiveness, conscious of difference, humility and
curiosity, humor, creativity, practical, accountability and data driven. Staff members attend to
the culture of the organization by being ambassadors of Community Vision’s values and
participating in internally focused work groups.

Community Vision provides customized technical assistance and advising in two key areas —
financial management and real estate consulting services — to our core clients, communitybased nonprofits that serve communities on the margin of opportunity. In addition to this
strategic guidance, the consulting program also administers grantmaking programs that
support community real estate projects.
The Community Real Estate Consultant will support Bay Area and/or Central Valley nonprofit
organizations around planning and implementing their real estate projects. This can include
guidance around leasing, buying, financing and fundraising, construction and asset and facilities

Partner Services (60%)
● Carry a portfolio of 20 or so nonprofit community partners led by and/or supporting
communities of color, low-income communities, or other marginalized groups
● Identify potential partners, develop scopes services, and enter into contracts for
consulting services (generally third party funded)
● Build trust-based, collaborative relationships with partners and their communities by
understanding their real estate goals and creatively addressing them with technical
support and guidance
● Support real estate projects with needs and feasibility assessments
● Prepare financial models for programmatic and real estate needs including budgets and
forecasting, sources and uses, real estate pro forma and cash flows
● Assess the capacity of the partners’ financial structure to support project costs, debt and
ability to meet requirements of lending institutions
● Develop resource networks and navigate partners to these professional services
● Train partner staff and Boards of Directors around the real estate development process
Relationship Development (15%)
● Represent Community Vision at community meetings, convenings, and conferences
● Market Community Vision’s services and products to community-based organizations,
municipalities, and other potential partners
● Manage and maintain positive partners relationships
● Assist with marketing and recruitment of partners through targeted emails, conference
presentations, and networking
Program Management & Administration (25%)
● Conduct on-going relevant “best practices” research and document results for the benefit
of consulting partners
● Work with staff to maintain Community Vision’s professional services referral network
● Prepare applications and reports to external funders (government agencies, foundations,
etc) for third party contracts
● Develop and present new consulting and training materials
● Measure and track results of consulting engagements
● Think creatively about new ways of working and raise these for discussion
● Attend staff meetings and participate in internal workgroups both departmentally and
● Work with Community Vision staff to coordinate Consulting services with other
organizational programs
● Offer opportunities for internal colleagues to learn from you about your work

Ideal Qualifications
● Minimum 4 years in nonprofit housing or commercial real estate experience –or– 4+ years
providing consulting services to nonprofits and a basic understanding of the real estate
development process.
● Understanding of the real estate development process
● Ability to design and build real estate (pro forma)
● Basic understanding of nonprofit finance and organizational/management structures
● Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects with competing deadlines
● Understanding and ability to work with a range of nonprofit partners that reflect the
diversity of the Bay Area, Central and Northern California
● Ability to conduct site visits throughout Northern and Central California
● Enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, and a passionate commitment to work in community
development and the nonprofit sector
● Lived experience in various professional roles and various types of nonprofit organizations
and structures
● Experience providing technical assistance and consulting to organizational leaders
● Experience developing and delivering trainings, webinars and group presentations
● Relationships in or authentic understanding of Bay Area communities of color, low-income
communities, and/or other marginalized communities

The Community Real Estate Consultant is a full-time exempt position. This position is
supervised by the Managing Real Estate Consultant. The salary for this position is between
$82,500-$93,750 annually, depending on experience and if outside of the Bay Area salary will be
adjusted based on cost of living of the region. Benefits include: 100% health insurance premium
coverage for employees and a contribution towards dependent coverage, dental insurance,
long-term disability & life insurance, transportation and cell phone subsidies, employer
contributions towards retirement savings, three weeks’ vacation, and a commitment to work/life
balance. Occasional evenings and out of area travel may be necessary. Position involves
regular computer and telephone use plus some minimal lifting. The position can be based at
either of Community Vision’s offices in San Francisco or Oakland. All staff are working remotely
until further notice.

Send resume and cover letter via email to Subject line to read:
Community Real Estate Consultant. Letters should discuss your interest in the position and in
working at Community Vision. Resumes without cover letters will not be considered.
Position is open until filled. For more information on our programs and services, please visit our
website at:
Community Vision provides equal employment opportunities to all employees. We realize that
the impact of discriminatory policy, institutionalized financial neglect, and systemic racism have
resulted in a deep sense of distrust felt among communities on the margins of opportunity,
including people of color, folks of various abilities, genders and sexualities, and communities
with low financial wealth. We believe that these communities must be centered in the work we
do. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are
members of other marginalized communities.

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