Project Analyst

Firm: UPholdings
Fresco, Clovis, CA

Payment: Paid
Start Date: Mar 14, 2022
Category: Community Development
Contact: Daniela Geana-Cabrera
Posted: Mar 1, 2022


POSITION: Project Analyst – Affordable Housing Development

COMPANY: UPholdings is a comprehensive real estate firm that is dedicated to creating, operating, and sustaining quality affordable housing in communities throughout the United States. Our company builds, manages, and operates its projects for the entirety of their operational cycle. Our portfolio includes a wide range of project types, including family, senior and permanent supportive housing developments. We have a growing portfolio and are currently active in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California, and Michigan.

LOCATION: Remote (with occasional travel); subject to change

DESCRIPTION: A Project Analyst with UPholdings supports the Project Manager to take a project from the conceptual stages to the commitment of all necessary funding for project construction. During this process, the Project Analyst is responsible for a number of related tasks, including:

Site search and program scoring analysis for potential project locations;
Zoning analysis and applications for rezoning and variances;
Research of public and private funding opportunities for the development and operations of affordable housing and programs that support project target populations;
Financial feasibility analysis, including real estate pro forma modeling and development cost research;
Completion of application material for competitive funding sources, requests for proposals/qualifications for fund or partnership opportunities, and other programs beneficial to the development and operation of housing developments, as well as research to identify potential funds or programs appropriate for future application potential;
Drafting of letters of support and other materials needed to support project development;
Scheduling of and participation in meetings with project stakeholders, including development partners, local government agencies, project vendors, and others to keep project moving toward its funding and program goals;
Assist in creating pre-development budgets, especially as they relate to requests for pre-development funding for early project phases;
Support Project Manager during the acquisition, design, and community engagement components of projects;
Collaboration with the Operations Coordinator and Operations Manager – as well as Property Management staff – to ensure seamless transitions at each phase of the development and operating process;
Assist in keeping assigned projects on schedule to ensure application completeness, competitiveness, and threshold achievement;
Serve as the in-person UPholdings representative with project stakeholders, as needed;
Participate in regular staff meetings and other initiatives to facilitate organizational cohesiveness and efficiency;
Other tasks related to the development of high-quality affordable housing and the positive growth and reputation of UPholdings

Throughout, Project Analysts work collaboratively with other team members and project partners to ensure that all projects meet the myriad requirements set forth by the various funding agencies; local, state, and federal government(s); partner agreements; and other requirements necessary to develop each project.

QUALIFICATIONS: A Bachelor’s degree with 1-3 year’s industry experience. Master’s degree in a related field preferred.

SKILLS: Strong verbal and writing skills, must have strong organizational and computer skills including Google Drive and strong skill with spreadsheets. Further, candidates for this position should have the ability to work well in a small team environment, remain organized, be detail-oriented, and meet deadlines.

WORK HOURS: 40 hours per week. Must be available for occasional evening or weekend meetings, and ability to travel.