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Start Date:Jan 8, 2018
Contact:Susan Harris
Posted:Nov 13, 2017
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Alta Planning + Design, Inc. is an international, multidisciplinary active transportation consulting firm with a mission to create active communities. We specialize in creating communities that enhance a person’s ability and comfort to walk, bike, and use transit. Our key areas of focus are centered around moving and connecting people, neighborhoods, communities, and businesses through our planning, design, and implementation of bicycle, pedestrian, trail, park, greenway, wayfinding, and complete streets projects, in addition to outreach and education programs.

This is an incredible and highly competitive opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary firm that is redefining and transforming the…

Location:San Francisco
Contact:Ann Macaulay
(415) 778-6741
Posted:Oct 9, 2017
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This is an Assistant/Associate level position under the direction of a Principal Planner. This position will support MTC's development, maintenance, and application of a spatially-explicit urban economic model. The model will be used with other analytical tools to support transportation and land use planning activities.

The ideal candidate should take great pride in being a civil servant and will have expertise in the following areas:

Manipulating and analyzing large datasets
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, such as ESRI products
Understanding of land use planning, preferably in the California context

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