Acquisitions Manager

Firm: Merritt Community Capital
Remote - California-based

Payment: Paid
Start Date: Feb 1, 2022
Category: Housing
Contact: David Dologite
Posted: Dec 14, 2021

Merritt Community Capital Corporation is a non-profit corporation that provides equity capital for affordable housing throughout California, revitalizing neighborhoods through construction, rehabilitation, and lo0ng-term asset management. Since 1989, the company has financed approximately nearly 10,000 affordable homes with $1 billion in equity in 22 separate funds.

Merritt offers a collaborative culture with a passionate team focused on our mission. We provide excellent benefits, including paid time off, employee/family health coverage, 401(k) contributions, commuter support and performance bonuses. To learn more about Merritt please visit

Position Summary: With a moderate level of supervision implements policies and procedures for acquiring, underwriting, and closing low-income housing tax-credit investments. Monitors affordable housing investments under construction. Manages project conversion following construction completion and transition to asset management.

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