College Summer Internships

Firm: Association of Bay Area Governments
375 Beale Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105

Payment: Paid
Start Date: Jun 19, 2017
Category: Economic Development
Contact: Christina Fong - HR Administrator
Posted: May 12, 2017

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Planning & Research Department is seeking qualified interns to engage in challenging regional planning tasks that address economic, housing, land use, neighborhood development, resiliency, urban, and water policies. Projects and tasks will be assigned based on skill sets and interests.

The ABAG Planning & Research Department and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Planning Section are slated to become one Integrated Regional Planning Program serving the San Francisco Bay Area and the ABAG and MTC policymaking boards effective July 1, 2017.


• Economic Development — Work with planning staff and the Economic Strategy Committee to prepare a regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The CEDS will help people understand the region’s economy and the actions necessary to improve it and include an evaluation framework with performance measure. Support engagement and outreach to a diverse range of stakeholders including the Board of Supervisors for each of the nine counties in the region.

• Regional Housing Policy and Permitting Activity — Work with planning staff to collect, prepare, and release a 2016 regional housing permit summary report of residential growth in the Bay Area, including an analysis of location and affordability trends. Assist select city/county staff conducting projects to streamline and improve their data collection and reporting processes. Research housing policies adopted by various Bay Area cities and counties in order to update a searchable online policy database and summarize regional housing policy trends. The research will culminate in a reference library for each tracked policy that local governments can use to implement housing strategies locally. Provide support to the regional housing program by researching topics of interest including, among other topics, second units, loss of deed-restricted affordable units, and short-term rental regulations.

• Regional Resilience Measures — Research community actions taken to achieve resilience goals. Collect and examine city plans, programs, and initiatives for actions cities have taken to build resilience. This includes working with jurisdictions to verify local programs and investments, expanding datasets related to city actions, and synthesizing information. Develop findings from the research to establish best practices, analyze value and return of mitigation investments, gain a better understanding of gaps and needs in the region, and strengthen the region’s culture and identity of strong action to address natural hazards. Support the development of a regional resilience dashboard. Frame the elements and design of the regional resilience dashboard. Develop workshop programs and organize the events.


Applicants must be in urban or regional planning or a related field to the respective internship (such as geography, public policy, natural resources, civil engineering, environmental engineering, or related fields), and have completed at least their junior year of undergraduate study, be in a graduate program, or graduated within 6 months. Other qualifications include excellent writing, analytical, and communication skills, and an understanding of recent urban growth patterns, sustainability and equity concepts. Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel is required. GIS and data collection skills are desirable.

Compensation: $20-$22 per hour depending on qualifications

Duration: Up to 12 weeks during the months of June - September 2017

To apply, submit the following items to ABAG electronically (via email) by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 19, 2017.

1. Completed ABAG application (Use “2017” for the Job Number)
2. Completed Interest Form (choice of internship projects)
3. Resume
4. One-page writing sample (individual, not from a group project)
5. Cover letter

The ABAG application and Interest Form can be obtained from Send all 5 items electronically in a complete package (can be 5 attachments but only one email) to Christina Fong at

Job Information: Download